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Next chapter - Betaworks

It’s no secret that Aviary is killing it right now, which is one of the reasons the decision to leave is so difficult.  It’s been an incredible year with an awesome team.  But the truth is, I’ve wanted to help start and run businesses from the earliest stages since I wound down a company I co-founded in college.  Even though we’ve recently hit a number of major milestones (funding, partnerships, growth), I’m at a time in my life where if I don’t pursue my goals now, I may never.

While I’m truly sad to leave Aviary (my last day will be Sept 30th, at which point I’ll become an advisor), I’m fortunate and excited to join Betaworks as an EIR (entrepreneur in residence).  Betaworks is a firm I’ve admired for many years, and will give me the unique opportunity to incubate new ideas while helping a number of companies in the portfolio scale.  I’ve noticed good things tend to happen when I surround myself with smart and talented people, so while I’m sad to move on, I’m optimistic on what the future holds.

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